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AI & Data Analytics for Healthcare


At Varn Health, we see data analytics as the cornerstone of our technical SEO work. Delving into performance metrics is a crucial part of discovering fresh SEO prospects, deciphering the reasons behind underperforming content, and creating strategies to outpace the competition. 

Whether you’re seeking help to craft user-friendly SEO dashboards, or looking to understand and interpret your data effectively, we can help you deep dive into your healthcare website stats and drive actionable insights.


Qualified and Experienced Statistical Analysis

Our data analytics and reporting services encompass important elements, including schema mark-up, URL structuring, site crawl depths, strategies for page linking, optimisation of metadata, loading efficiency, external linking profiles, and integration of GA4. Each of these elements is thoroughly explained, assessed, and benchmarked against competitors, enabling us to provide tailored recommendations specifically suited to you and your healthcare business.

AI & Data Analytics Tactics

Google Analytics 4

Looking to get a clear idea of how users are engaging with your healthcare website? GA4 provides insights into website traffic volumes, how users navigate through your site, and their preferred device(s). This data is invaluable for determining the popularity of various pages and gauging user interaction across professional and patient demographics.

Report Building

A key way to oversee your website’s performance is by establishing user-friendly dashboards and reports to understand your website analytics. We help build these dashboards by sourcing data from various tools into a single report or dashboard, streamlining the monitoring process for your site metrics in an accessible way.

Keyword Analysis

We specialise in uncovering the most effective keywords used by people to find your healthcare website through organic and paid searches. Leveraging this data, we give valuable recommendations aimed at optimising your website and its content and improving targeted keyword ranking.

Conversion Tracking

Varn Health can help you uncover important and useful insights about your online visitors who complete a conversion on your website. For example, this could include users who complete a contact form, visit certain key website pages or download PDFs and whitepapers. Understanding the user behaviour of those who engage in these conversion actions is crucial for refining SEO strategies and optimising the user experience for your medical website.

Measure ROI

GA4 can help us directly access the return on investment across a range of online and offline healthcare marketing initiatives, activity, and advertisements. This invaluable data is used to help analyse your campaign successes and devise new strategies for future marketing projects.

Business Case Modelling

Varn Health employs statistical modelling techniques to forecast the size of specific healthcare markets and, in turn, share the essential research you need to construct a resilient business model. Our research starts with a business vision, followed by initial research and data to outline the potential outcomes achievable through search engines as the primary market route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data analytics is a vital component of successful and effective healthcare SEO, offering insights into patient search behaviour, medical trends, and overall website performance. By analysing user interactions, pharma companies can tailor content and site structure to meet patient and HCP’s needs effectively.

Metrics like organic traffic and keyword rankings can gauge how successful your SEO strategy is and how you can refine it. Data analysis can also guide your content, highlighting topics of interest which will attract people to your website. For healthcare SEO, by reporting on, and fully understanding your data analytics, you’ll be able to make effective decisions and gain a competitive edge for your website.
Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you see details of traffic levels and engagement metrics so you can get a full view of your user journey. You can see who’s visiting your site, what they’re doing there and where they come from.

You can collect data on things like page views and user demographics, which is organised into reports so you can identify trends and patterns in your traffic. This can help you make better decisions about your SEO strategy.
Absolutely! Google Analytics can be a valuable tool for your pharma website. User analytics will help you see how users navigate and interact with your website, making it clear what areas could be improved upon.

Additionally, you can see which marketing channels (social, paid media etc.) are driving the most traffic to your website, and in turn, focus your attention on the channels that offer the most leads. Google Analytics can also help you understand which types of content resonate most with your audience, allowing you to focus on creating content that will educate and inform Health Care Professionals (HCPs) or patients. However, it’s worth noting that Google Analytics collects your user data, so you must ensure that it is compliant with patient privacy regulations if necessary.

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