Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO for Healthcare


A robust and thorough off-page SEO strategy is vital to strengthening your digital visibility online and for building your search engine rankings. Building authoritative links to your healthcare website with effective off-page SEO, involves securing quality backlinks.

Search engines consider backlinks as indicators of trust and authority. Link building involves encouraging other websites to include a link to your website, within their online content. This involves activity such as guest posting, digital PR, product outreach, link placements, and unlinked mentions which we describe as ‘Off-Page SEO’. 


Building High-Quality Links

In healthcare, integrating a backlink-building strategy is essential for enhancing the ranking of your healthcare business on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Valuable links from other websites that have a good domain authority serve as virtual endorsements to Google, signalling a website’s credibility and relevance. It’s, therefore, important to leverage these links, given their weight as key ranking determiners for Google. Off-page activity that delivers valuable backlinks also helps to foster trust and credibility for your healthcare website.

Offsite SEO Tactics

Guest Articles

An important tactic for effective outreach is submitting helpful articles to other websites. This involves identifying websites within your healthcare business’s sector that welcome guest contributions and pitching content to them. By integrating links back to your website within the content, you’ll enhance your brand visibility and the associated positive SEO impact.

Data-Led Digital PR

Creating data-driven digital PR campaigns involves analysing trends within the healthcare sector to craft compelling content. This process can involve generating first-party data or using existing third-party data to shape engaging content and stories, which you can then pitch to bloggers and journalists to help amplify your visibility and reach.

Unlinked Mentions

As you start to establish your healthcare brand online, it’s common to come across mentions of your brand online that don’t link to your website. However, this presents an opportunity to get in contact and secure valuable backlinks, improving both your SEO performance and website usability.

Competitor Analysis

Varn Health conducts comprehensive competitor analysis, examining their backlink profiles and identifying common links that they may be securing and that you’re not. We utilise these insights and devise tailored strategies and plans to secure placements on top and relevant health websites to build your authority in the industry.

Linkable Healthcare Content

By creating high-quality healthcare content for your website, you’ll develop a sustainable long-term strategy to boost online visibility and awareness. This is vital in order to attract both professional and patient visitors to your website with helpful, engaging, and shareable content.

Keyword Optimisation

Our expertise in the pharma industry helps us to uncover the most effective keywords for off-page healthcare SEO. Varn Health’s in-house medical copywriters excel in writing and optimising content that seamlessly integrates regulatory standards, tone, audience preferences, and organic keyword optimisation. Additionally, we ensure that Google’s EEAT and YMYL content guidelines are adhered to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online reviews play a large role in informing patients or HCPs about the credibility of your pharma business. Similarly, high-quality backlinks (links from another website to yours) to your website, inform the search engines that your website is credible and trustworthy, in turn this will help to improve your website rankings.

Guest blogging on relevant health blogs or industry publications, will mean you can increase your online visibility with informative content that drives traffic back to your website.

Off-page SEO tactics such as social media engagement and maintaining your online reputation, can amplify your brand awareness. By actively engaging with patients or HCPs and addressing their concerns on social media, you’ll build stronger relationships and prove yourself as a trusted information source.
The key to securing backlinks to your healthcare or pharma website is picking a relevant website that is trustworthy. Here’s what to look for in a good source:

Domain Authority - this is a score that indicates the trustworthiness of a website and its influence in search engines. Pick a website with a good DA score - you can check this using websites like Moz or Ahrefs.

Relevance - the website you’re looking to use should have content that’s relevant to your healthcare niche. Getting a backlink from a general health website is still good, but one specialising in your area is even better.

Credibility - Make sure that the website you pick has a good reputation and shares reliable and accurate health information. Established medical publications and organisations or educational institutions are great to look out for.
Off-page SEO is a way of building the reputation of your website with search engines. Backlinks to your website from high-quality sites will boost rankings and bring more organic traffic. Getting mentioned in various relevant websites gains exposure for your pharma brand and builds trust with potential patients.

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